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Raymond Schmidt II is an innovative fiction writer, concocting wonderful short stories and poems for people of all ages. Schmidt has penned the highly popular novel, “Jo-Eb’s Quest” and its successors, “The Olive Branch” and “The Crooked Trail.”

He is also the author of “Virginia Kay: A Life of Wonder.” Following a woman’s life from childhood to adulthood, “Virginia Kay” touches on all of life’s ups and down in an entertaining and creative fashion.

Schmidt continues to bring fantastic characters and adventures to life. He looks forward to writing more meaningful and engaging fictional stories for years to come! You can order any of Raymond Schmidt’s novels using this website.

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 A little about Raymond Schmidt II

A little about Raymond Schmidt II

Raymond Schmidt II lives in Lawton, OK. He has written poetry for years, but developed his interest for long-form story telling after his grandson, Syrus, became interested in writing something together. That excitement sparked something for Raymond Schmidt, and now, 4 books later, he looks forward to writing more and more for his fans to enjoy.

A good story is always a good opportunity for discussion!

Schmidt is passionate about what he has created (and what he continues to create) for his readers. He hopes to share something exciting and enthralling with others, and even chat about these stories through this site. If you’d be interested in chatting about your experience reading “Virginia Kay” or any of his other novels, please reach out!

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