About Me

Although I’ve written poetry for years I first developed an interest in book writing when Syrus, my grandson, and I agreed to cooperate on his first book. I found that I was able to develop a sense of the characters involved and although he never finished his book I was inspired to continue. Now I have determined to complete this as a mission for enjoyment and as a service to my Lord as He chooses.



I sit upon this poet’s tree. It’s both for you, and yes for me.
I like the way I fit my rhyme so now I spend this precious time.
From here I see a brand new world, high above the hustle and the grind
I wonder through its make believe I know it’s not a waist of time.

Like cracking an egg to see a yolk or smelling a rose or telling a joke.
It’s time you see, to start my day I take this time to plan and pray.
For God has placed me, on this tree, to share the joys of life you see.
To touch your heart, if that can be, so your spirit may soar, and you’ll be free.


In the way of introduction I present myself to you
I am an author, and I’m a poet too.
I rise up in the morning, usually very late
For I am retired you see, so I get to skate

First on my mind is, thank you Lord for this shiny brand new day
Please show me Lord, and teach me the things I am to say
I slumber to the shower and take my medicine
As rhyming words within my head, remind me where I’ve been

Slowly cognition takes hold, my obligations are very few
I try to piece the puzzle and wonder what is new
Sometimes it’s hard to sort it out
Then as the light comes on, I let know what it’s all about

It’s my obligation, to do the best I can
I tell myself it’s important, as I’m my number one fan
As I sort it all out, the results of the puzzle appear
I thank my Lord for my blessings; I’m glad that You are near

So now for this reason, I sit here at this place
I’d not stay away, do nothing, or my life would be a waste
I reach out with my words, hoping they will touch
I pray that you’re enjoying this, I thank you very much